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Accolink was established in 2012

Accolink was established in 2012 with the intention to market high quality kitchenware made in Turkey to the international markets.

A short while later it became clear that the products, which were being marketed to the international markets were also being demanded by the developing hotel and restaurant sector in the local market.

After a couple of sales visits were made to meet those demands, many productive relationships, which extend to this day, were established with local and international hotel chains and restaurants.


Impeccable Design

Accolink’s Mission

Accolink’s mission is to become the trusted supplier for all kinds of equipment that will transform the gastronomy and hospitality sector in Turkey and will make this region a new center of interest where guests can experience the most unforgettable experiences.


The Principles That Set Accolink Apart

What can be done

We expand the boundaries of “what can be done”: We take pride in offering our customers a wide variety of product alternatives. Rather than trying to limit the demands of our customers, we work with them expand the boundaries of “what can be done”. To us, anything made anywhere in the world which satisfies our standards is attainable.

We always stay ahead of our game:

  • We continuously monitor the latest developments in the hospitality and restaurant sectors to stay ahead of the game and to always be able to offer our customers something new.

  • We value customer satisfaction above all else: Our customer support service begins long before the sale and continues long after the sale.

  • We only work with the best of the best: We work only with the best manufacturers to offer our customers the best of products.

  • We see minor requests as an opportunity to improve ourselves: We do not disregard any customer request simply because it is a minor request; we see each minor request as a new opportunity to improve ourselves.

  • We strive to achieve the highest quality in every project that we do: We take what is good and we try to make it excellent.

  • We do not give up: We do not give up until we reach our desired result.


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